Interview With Lofton Shaw From “Inhumans” (@LoftonShaw)

23 Jan

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We recently had the chance to chat with “Inhumans” star Lofton Shaw. During the interview, Lofton talked about getting his start in acting, working on “Genie in a Bikini”, filming “Inhumans” and more!

1. How did you get your start in acting?

Things just sort of fell into place for me with this business, I’ve always been a fan of the stage and have loved performing. My parents and I never thought of pursuing acting as a career for me despite all their friends telling them how natural I could be at it. Then one day my parents friends met a manager and told  us to give it a shot and set up a meeting with them and BOOM! I loved it and we’ve been progressing ever since.

2. What was your first project?

My first project was a Nickelodeon movie called “Genie in a Bikini”! It was such a fun experience for me and I’m still very close with some of the cast members to this day! Everyone from the cast and crew ended up being so friendly and kind that we all were so sad once the movie had wrapped. I had actually worked with the director for another YEAR after the movie on a variety of sketch comedy work for DreamworksTV. It was an absolute blast!

3. What is it like working on “Inhumans”?

Working on Inhumans was definitely the most surreal thing that has ever happened to me. It really was the first major project I had been cast in and was a completely different vibe; other than of course being filmed in flippin HAWAII! Everyone was so professional and working together so effortlessly like they have had this whole thing planned for years! It was also one of the first things I’d been cast in that wasn’t a comedy, so it was very diverse and an excellent experience.

4. How would you describe your character?

The character I played on Inhumans was Young BlackBolt. BlackBolt is the king of the Inhumans and his voice is his strongest power. Even a whisper can destroy entire buildings. I portray BlackBolt when he first finds out about his powerful voice and goes through a horrific incident that makes BlackBolt never want to speak again. We had to create our own sign language to communicate and express our emotions without speaking. It was a very intense role and required so many different levels of emotions

5. What is a typical day like on-set?

A typical day on set really depends on what your filming. Inhumans was VEEERY different from anything else I’ve filmed because of the location and non disclosure policy of the project. Everything had to be kept a secret from our sides to our wardrobe. On the set of Inhumans I guess a typical day would be getting picked up from our hotels and driven to wherever the set location was. It was usually on a navy base in Hawaii. We would usually spend our first hour on set in makeup and wardrobe before filming a few scenes. On a project of that magnitude every scene took a pretty long time cause everything had to be perfect. And that’s exactly what is was. 🙂

6. How did you get involved with the project?

I got cast on Inhumans from the audition process much like most projects. The big difference between the audition process for Inhumans was the NDA we signed. They gave us as little information as possible. I didn’t even know what I was auditioning for or even WHO I was auditioning for. The only information we had was that it was a Marvel project.

7. How is this project different from others you have worked on?

The biggest difference from Inhumans compared to everything else had to be the set location. We were in Hawaii for weeks filming this project and everything just had a hint more magic. Something about that place is so surreal. Then the “hush hush” policy of the project also was a big difference because we couldn’t speak about the project at all even after we were done filming! We had to keep our mouths shut until the project finally aired in IMAX!

8. Do you have any upcoming projects?

As far as upcoming projects go I’m back in the audition room going for the next big thing! I’ve been working on a YouTube channel consistently for a while with DreamworksTV. We always are filming super fun projects and parodies. I have over 100 hilarious videos with them that you can find on YouTube. Including such classics as Boy Band Billy, Hopeless Bromantic, and Cheerleaders!

9. Do you have any holiday traditions?

My family’s main holiday tradition is our birthday tradition. Every birthday dinner we go around the table and say our favorite thing about the person who’s birthday it is. It can be fun entertaining and a bit awkward at times. It’s really an amazing tradition that I plan to keep in the family for years to come!

10. What are your social media accounts?

All of my social media handles are @LoftonShaw I’m most active on my Instagram and post very regularly. Another app I love is Snapchat and my username on Snapchat is Shawman444

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Interview With Lisa Linke! (@ItsLinke)

22 Jan

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Photo Credit: Birdie Thompson (@birds_eye_photo)

Makeup: Allison Noelle (@allisonnoellemakeup)

1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry? 

I’m guessing my family would say I’ve always been a performer!

I began performing full-time in the summer of 2001 while in Chicago. After doing a lot of training, performing, and teaching in the improv and sketch communities there, I found an agent and started auditioning. I had my first costar on Shameless, as they film their exteriors in Chicago. I created a lot of content in Chicago, too. That’s a city full of talent and people who are always willing to try something new, which is a wonderful environment to create and try new things. I co-created and produced my first web series there, Rick & Len Fix Shit In Your House with my friend. I learned a lot about producing and production during that process, and we had some success submitting to festivals. I really wanted to be doing this work, on set, all day, every day!


2. How did you land your role on “Successful People”?

I landed the role of Kimberly Hawkes, the most annoying and amazing woman on the planet, from the co-creators, stars, and producers, Artie O’Daly & Theresa Ryan. I had met Artie in my acting class here in L.A. and had performed in one of his shorts. He reached out and asked if I would be willing to play this role- he thought I would be perfect for it and knew I could bring a lot of fun to it.


3. What is “Successful People” about? 

Successful People is about two singer-songwriters, Chet and Laura, who fear that success may have passed them by, and what lengths they are willing to go to make their dreams come true. It’s a comedic series full of music and all kinds of fun characters. In Season 1, my character is introduced late in the game. Just when the protagonists think that they have lost all hope, they run into Kimberly who went to high school with Chet and has married into incredible success… and wealth, infidelity, addiction, and more. She sets up a meeting with a music producer and they get their big break!


Season 2 picks up right after Season 1 ends, and my character comes back to act as the talent manager for Chet and Laura, trying to help them become viral sensations. As you can imagine, we get to see more obnoxious behavior from Kimberly with other people in the industry, as well as Chet and Laura.


4. What makes it different from other. projects that you’ve worked on? 

Primarily, Season 2 is different because it was more of a character written for me. I tend to write my own content for myself, or do characters here and there for shorts, instead of recurring. So this was really fun having someone know what I’d already done for this character, and then write more for her to do. The stakes are so high in this series so it’s a dream to work on. We get to be really wild and have fun, and there is a lot of improv on set, which I love.


5. What other acting projects have you previously worked on? 

Before I left Chicago, I was in The Katydid’s Teachers web series, which they ultimately turned into a series on TV Land. I have been a recurring costar on their first two seasons as Teri, a mean parent at the school. Here in LA, I created a web series DOG MOMS, which parodies Dance Moms of Lifetime TV. I play Waggy Lee Miller, who trains dogs how to dance competitively. It was a blast, using friends and their dogs and really poking fun at that reality show.


Here in L.A. I’ve just come off a great fall, where I was on This Is Us on NBC and Modern Family on ABC, where my scene was with Chris Martin of Coldplay! That was a really fun day on set. It was on location and the entire crew was super excited about having Chris Martin there. I’ve also been on Black-ish on ABC, as well.


6. What are the most rewarding and challenging parts of the industry? 

I love collaborating with people, so TV/Film is a wonderful industry to collaborate and create a finished product. I really enjoy being on set and seeing all the different components that make the whole machine work. When you are coming from producing your own content, it’s a joy to be an actor and not have to worry about everything else- like feeding the crew, making sure we have all the props, getting all of our shots in before we lose daylight, etc.


As for what’s challenging: you have very little control. As an actor, most of your time is spent being unemployed, looking for work. That doesn’t work for everyone, and I totally get that! For me, I really enjoy being eager to work and doing my best to control what I can when I audition, including working on my craft and feeling confident when I approach a script.


7. Do you have any other upcoming projects? 

Yes! I’m super excited because I’m in the upcoming season of LOVE on Netflix (releasing March 10). It was an amazing time shooting on that set and I got to work with some actors who I remember watching on TV as I was growing up.


8. What are your social media accounts? 

IG: @itslinke

Twitter: @itslinke


Snap: itslinke


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“The Goldbergs” Sam Lerner Attends The Screen Actors Guild Awards! (@SammyLerner)

22 Jan

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Photo Credit: Zimbio

Sam Lerner from “The Goldbergs” attended Entertainment Weekly’s Screen Actors Guild Awards at Chateau Marmont. Sam was sporting a dapper black suit from John Vervatos and was groomed by Erik Torppe.

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Interview With Celeste Thorson! (@CelesteThorson)

22 Jan

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Photo credit: Michael Bezjian – The Artist Project

We recently had the chance chat with Celeste Thorson about working on “A Kid Called Mayonnaise”, screenwriting, upcoming projects, and more!

1. How did you get involved with “A Kid Called Mayonnaise”?

When I was invited by Koczara/Schevenko casting to audition for the mysterious character of Mrs. Kincaid, I put on a pearl necklace, read for the role, and discovered it was the perfect fit. I love their work and taste in comedy on shows like Blackish and Angie Tribeca, so it’s always an honor to visit them.  I felt the story had a quirky, surreal quality so when I was offered the role I was excited to see writer Will McRobb’s characters leap off the page and onto the screen with director Luke Matheny’s vision. The crew made it a fun, creative environment and it was cool to create something with Amazon Studios. I’m a big fan of so many of Amazon’s original series like Mozart in the Jungle and Goliath.

2. How would you describe the show?

I’d describe “A Kid Called Mayonnaise” as a curiously charming coming-of-age story set at a bizarre little motel called the Alamo, “a place where the strays of the world can feel safe and loved.” The creator Will McRobb also created the Nickelodeon show “The Adventures of Pete and Pete” so there are some similar eccentricities in characters. A lot of people say it has a Wes Anderson vibe as well.

3. Who do you play?

I play Mrs. Kincaid, the haughty mother of Lancelot Arthur Kincaid played by Alexander Guder. She’s a little odd yet very well-dressed, so I prepared for the role from the outside in. I thought her poise and elegance was an intriguing contrast to the dingy location of the Alamo. After I booked the role, I thought it would be fun to workshop the character a bit with casting director/coach Marci Liroff and explore some different nuances. Mrs. Kincaid has a bit of a chip on her shoulder but, according to the writer Will McRobb she has fallen on hard times so, she’s become a typical resident of the Alamo, which is the perfect home of misfit dreamers.

4. What is a typical day like for you on-set?

Check in, go to craft services, grab a bite, visit hair and makeup, go to craft services and grab a bite, hop into wardrobe, rehearse with the director, quick snack, touch up my lipstick, shoot the scene, break for lunch. After lunch go over the next scene in my trailer and do it all over again.

5. Do you have a favorite moment that you have filmed so far?

Without giving away any spoilers, my favorite moment was seeing a very bizarre scene in the script come to life at a completely absurd location while watching the lead character “Mayo” get chased by a birthday squad. I love surrealism, and the whole episode had some very unusual elements like an ostrich, a piñata, a rubber ducky collection and a female band of fabulous musicians riding a birthday float. The whole first episode was just so funny and unique.

6. How did you get your start screenwriting?

I’ve loved writing since I was a child and remember creating little books in elementary school. As an adult, I started out writing short stories, then transitioned into travel television, E/I shows, short films, and feature-length scripts. Since then I have written over two dozen episodes of television, a handful of short films, and have a few features in development. I am always looking for muses to help inspire characters and projects because it keeps my imagination glowing and the pen flowing.

7. Which do you prefer acting or screenwriting and why?

I love acting because I get to personally embody the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of a person with all of their hopes, dreams, fears, and complexities. I’m obviously restricted to the age, gender, and racial limitations of the characters I can play on screen which is why writing opens up a world of opportunities. As a writer, it’s fascinating to see the world through lenses I’d likely never have the chance to look through and step in shoes I’d never be able to walk in.

8. What is your dream project?

I love sci-fi, comedy, and action films. My dream project would be one that includes an unlikely hero who faces physical and emotional obstacles to make the world a better place while living through the sad, funny, thrilling, and dangerous aspects of our human experience. I really enjoy films that cross genres because real life is not just one genre. There are dramatic, comedic, action oriented experiences that I think can all be included into a single story.

9. Do you have any upcoming projects?

I have an adventure feature film called “Treasure Hunter: The Legend of the White Witch” coming out this year which we filmed in Mexico. I also shot a short film titled “Apache Wife” inspired by Apache oral history from the late 19th century. I made a quick cameo on USA Network’s new true crime series, “Unsolved” coming soon thanks to Director Anthony Hemmingway and Jennifer Cooper Casting. Feel free to check out for all of the latest release dates.

10. Do you have any social media accounts?

I share daily content to a pretty extensive collection of photos and videos on:

I also enjoy sharing a first look at a smaller selection of photos on Instagram @CelesteThorson.

I generally use to converse about current events and learn more about charity organizations that my friends and fans support.

I’d be happy to keep in touch with your readers if they want to reach out on any of those social networks.

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Abigail Savage Attends The 24th Annual SAG Awards! (@Savage937)

22 Jan

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Photo Credit: Zimbio

“Orange is the New Black” star Abigail Savage recently attended the 24th annual SAG awards. Abigail attended in support of the show’s nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

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Interview With Rich Ting From “Waco” (@RichTingWorld)

22 Jan

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Photo Credit: Status PR

We recently had the chance to chat with Rich Ting from “Waco.” Rich talked about getting his start in the entertainment industry, working on “Waco”, upcoming projects, and more!

1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

Having played Division I college football at Yale University, I continued to maintain my physical weight training and conditioning workout regimens as well as my martials arts well after graduating from college. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate school careers, I trained (as a hobby) at different acting studios as a way of pursuing my childhood dream of being a Hollywood actor. After graduating from both law school and business school, I was coincidentally approached and asked by stunt coordinators in Hollywood if I would be willing to do stunts in some upcoming feature films.  With absolutely zero knowledge or experience in the film making industry, I decided to take this challenge as an opportunity to learn and educate myself on set etiquette, film and television culture, as well as just “jumping right into the fire”. I promised myself (and also notified my close friends and family that were in the stunt business) that I would work in stunts until I was able to completely cross over to the acting side of the industry. As a result, I was fortunate enough to work on various major Hollywood feature films gaining and obtaining an immense amount of knowledge and insight about the film making industry.

My career as an actor began in Los Angeles, cast for “Lenny” in the TV series, “Beyond the Break” (2007-2009) and “Heatblast” in the Warner Brothers’ (Cartoon Network) feature film, “Ben 10: Race Against Time” (2007).  That same year, I was also cast in the feature film, “Deadly Impact” and in 2009, I debuted on the big screen alongside Angelina Jolie in the film entitled, “Salt”.

2. How did you land your role in “Waco”?

I was cast for the role of F.B.I. Hostage Rescue Team (H.R.T.) sniper, “Lon Horiuchi”, in the Paramount TV series, “Waco.”  My agent notified me that casting was searching for a Japanese American actor to play the role, and they wanted to find someone who closely represented the real life character.  I was cast by director, John Erick Dowdle, as the recurring character of the F.B.I.’s top sniper in the series. Coincidentally, this was my second casting as a true, real life character starring alongside fellow actor, Taylor Kitsch. I previously filmed with Taylor Kitsch in the feature film, “Lone Survivor,” where I played U.S. Navy Seal, “James Suh”.


3. How would you describe the show?

I would describe “Waco” as extremely true, real, and overall, convincing.  I will not forget when I ran into Taylor Kitsch (who plays “David Koresh”) at the gym in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where we were filming on location.  He was so skinny and emaciated that I honestly believed it was the real “David Koresh” working out on the stationary bike.  The accuracy and close resemblance of all the characters in the series as well as the actual Waco compound are truly outstanding.  I remember watching the final scene where we completely burned the compound to ashes. To say the least, it was surreal, as it resembled the exact scene I remember watching on the news as a young teenager when the real Waco compound caught on fire and millions around the world watched it burn to the ground. I am excited for the fans to see our series as it accurately depicts the critical events prior to and during the entire 51-day siege of the Branch Davidians’ Waco compound.


4. What character do you play?

I play F.B.I. Hostage Rescue Team (H.R.T.) sniper, “Lon Horiuchi.”


5. How is this role different from others that you’ve worked on previously? 

This role is different from other roles I have previously played because it is a non-fictional, true character role. “Lon Horiuchi”, is a well-known F.B.I. H.R.T. sniper due to his significant involvement with the F.B.I.’s siege of Ruby Ridge as well as the Branch Davidians’ Compound in Waco, Texas.  Ironically, this is the second time I have not only played a true, real life character but also the second time I have starred alongside fellow actor, Taylor Kitsch.  I was cast as U.S. Navy Seal, “James Suh,” in the feature film, “Lone Survior”, where Kitsch played fellow U.S. Navy Seal, “Michael Murphy”.


6. What is a typical day like on-set?

A typical day on set starts with my early call-time, usually around 6 a.m.  Once I arrive on set, I like settle into my trailer and unpack my backpack while requesting my usual daily breakfast: 1 breakfast burrito (eggs, cheese, bacon, and salsa), fresh orange juice, and hot coffee.  I review the day’s call-sheet to familiarize myself with the list and sequence of scheduled shots as well as review my specific sides (lines) in the day’s script.  Then, I proceed to change into my wardrobe and then, head to the hair and makeup trailers.  Once I am fully dressed and approved my hair and makeup, I like to run lines and warm-up with my fellow actors for any of our upcoming scenes for that particular day.  The rest of the day consists of waiting to be called to set, filming, breaking for lunch, and resting in my trailer.  To date, I believe the most difficult task of each day of filming is to conserve as much energy as possible.  Due to the mass amounts of film crew, extras, security, catering, medical staff and personnel as well as the overall high energy involved with filming a production, it is very easy to get drained and tired simply by being present on a live set. I always try to rest in my trailer and focus on my upcoming scenes, so I am ready to go when called upon.


7. When and where can fans watch the show?

“Waco” will premiere on January 24, 2018 on the Paramount Network channel. A new episode will air every week leading up to the anniversary of the actual event.


8. Do you have any other upcoming projects for 2018?

I will be returning to Cape Town, South Africa to continue filming my HBO Cinemax TV series, “Warrior”. Cinemax has given a 10-episode straight to series order to “Warrior” from creator Jonathan Tropper (writer of “Banshee”) and fellow executive producers: Justin Lin (“Fast & Furious” and “Star Trek” director) and Danielle Woodrow from Perfect Storm Entertainment as well as Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee Entertainment), the daughter of Bruce Lee.

The drama is inspired by an idea from the late martial-arts star Bruce Lee. “Warrior” is an action series set against the backdrop of the Tong Wars of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the second half of the 19th century. It tells the story of Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy who immigrates from China to San Francisco and becomes a hatchet man for one of Chinatown’s most powerful organized-crime families.  Based on the real character and close friend of Bruce Lee, “Bolo Yeung”, I will be playing the character of “Bolo”, the universally feared fighter and top lieutenant of the Hop Wei Tong.


9. What are your social media accounts?

My Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are all under my brand name, “Rich Ting World” (@RichTingWorld).


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Interview With Jack Dean! (@IAmJackDean)

22 Jan

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.48.22 AM

Photo Credit: Sam Cahill

We recently had the chance to chat with “Black-ish” star Jack Dean. During the interview, Jack talked about getting his start in acting, working with Anthony Anderson on “Black-ish”, working on music, and more!

1. How did you get your start in acting?

I started in acting when I was 14 in Northern California in various acting classes to get ready to move to LA. I booked a web series and short film within the first month I moved and after that I just kept going!

2. What is your favorite part about the job?

My favorite part about being an actor is the feeling of being on set. There’s no better feeling than the time I worked on my first set of a film.

3. What is the most difficult thing for you?

The most difficult thing for me is balancing my time off with my music and working on acting.

4. What was your first project?

My first project was a lead in the film “Backlash.” I was 14 and it was the first film I auditioned for which happened to be a college student’s thesis film.

5. What was it like getting to work on “Black-ish”?

Working on “Black-ish” was a great experience for me. I’ve watched Anthony Anderson’s movies for longer than I can remember so meeting and getting to work with him was definitely a check off the bucket list.

6. What would your dream role be and why?

My dream role would be to star in a sports film. I grew up playing and watching sports with my family. Unfortunately, I had to stop playing a couple years ago due to arm problems. Being able to put together a couple of my favorite things and make a movie out of it would be a dream come true.

7. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love working on music in my free time.  Whether it’s writing or recording or filming music videos in my room with a camera and a green screen. It keeps me motivated and constantly bettering myself in something.

8. Do you have any goals for 2018?

My top two goals for 2018 are to book a feature film and shoot out of the country and have a song hit Billboard top 100.

9. Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I have a few films in post production right now that will hopefully be going to festivals, but I amm currently working with 13 time Grammy winning producer Jared Lee Gosselin on a music project so keep an ear out for that.

10. What are your social media accounts?

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter both @iamjackdean and my snapchat is jackkdeann.


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