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Teala Dunn Makes A Video To “Good Time” With Her Friends (@ttlyteala) (@ericunger) (@kat_mcnamara)

31 Jul

Teala Dunn recently tweeted a video she made with her friends to “Good Time” by Owl City. In this video, along with Teala you will see Kat Mcnamara, Eric Unger, Madison Curtis, Allisyn Arm, and Audrey Whitby rocking out to “Good Time.” Looks like they are having tons of fun!

Maria Menounos Gives Out Free Cupcakes In Times Square (@mariamenounos) (@Crocs)

31 Jul

Maria Menounos was in Times Square today at 10:30 giving out free cupcakes for Crocs! At the event, there was a Croc shoe made out of cupcakes courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake! These cupcakes were delicious! At the event, Maria met some fans and enjoyed some delicious cupcakes!

If you wear your Croc shoes to Georgetown Cupcake today in Soho, you will be able to get a free cupcake!

It’s #MusicMonday For L2 (@L2Official)

30 Jul

Pop Duo L2 recently tweeted to their L2natics that it is #MusicMonday and they wanted their fans to pick up Insomnia on Itunes! If you have not downloaded the single you are missing out!

Pick it up here:

Billy Unger Thinks Heaven Is Not Too Far Away (@billyunger)

30 Jul

Billy Unger recently tweeted a picture of the wonderful sunset he was looking at and wrote “Heaven isn’t too far away.” We are always loving his awesome pictures!

Zendaya Tries Some Super Delicious Food For Her Upcoming Birthday Party (@zendaya96)

29 Jul

Zendaya Coleman recently tweeted a picture of some of the food that she is tasting for her upcoming birthday party! Doesn’t it look delicious! With this picture she wrote “Trying food for my bday, obviously not the meat but it looked so pretty I had to take a picture!! Yummmmyy thank @primalkitchenla.”

Hope you are enjoying it Zendaya!

R5 At The Balloon Festival In New Jersey (@rossr5) (@rydelr5) (@ratliffr5) (@rikerr5) (@rockyr5)

29 Jul

Today, we had the opportunity to attend R5’s concert at the New Jersey Festival Of Ballooning! The concert was amazing, they really know how to connect with the audience! Before the concert, the band had a meet and greet where fans could get pictures and after the show they had an autograph session! At the concert, fans could hear songs like “A Billion Hits”, “Not A Love Song”, and “Stay You’ll Say.” The concert was even better because it was their first East Coast show!

If you attended this concert make sure you comment below and tell us how you liked it!

Sabrina Bryan Gives An Important Message To Her Fans (@sabrinabryan)

27 Jul

Sabrina Bryan recently posted a video of herself, revealing to her fans that people can vote for her to get her to the All Star show of Dancing With The Stars!

Make sure you vote for Sabrina and get her to be on this show! Check out her video message above to all of her fans!

Vote on:

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