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Exclusive Interview With Love Via Dance Machine! (@loveviaband)

31 Oct

We recently had the chance to do an interview with Love Via Dance Machine. During this interview we talked to them about their trip to NYC, inspirations, upcoming projects, fans, music and more!

Make sure you check out the interview below!

1. What brings you to NYC?
We’re playing a show with The Honor Society at Bowery Ballroom in NYC! As well as going to a few meetings. We’re super excited to be in NYC, we love coming here its one of our favorite cities besides Boston. Our home away from home.

2. Do you have any upcoming projects?
We’ve been busy in the studio working on new material. We will also be releasing new tour dates in the next few months. We’re really excited about everything coming up.

3. Who are your inspirations?
We all have a lot of different inspirations ranging from Skrillex to Carrie Underwood. We try to bring all of our inspirations together to create our original music when were in the studio.

4. How did you get your start in the business?
We all met at school at Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA. We started writing music, recorded an EP and started playing locally and self booking our own tours. We began gaining a fanbase and the rest is history.

5.Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to become entertainers like yourselves?
Do what you love and never give up on your dream!

6. Do you have any social media accounts where your fans can keep in touch with you?
Our twitters are the best way to keep in touch @loveviaalex @loveviaizaiah @wileyesten @loveviajimmy and @loveviaband as well as our facebook page

7. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans who are supporting you?
Thank you so much to all our fans for supporting us they are amazing! Keep up to date for more announcements to come! <3LVDM

Thank you so much for speaking with us!

Bella Thorne Dresses Up As A Pretty Bunny For Halloween! (@bellathorne)

31 Oct

Bella Thorne recently tweeted a picture of herself dressed up as a bunny! With this she wrote “I’m a bunny. Duh.” Doesn’t she look great?!

Have a great day!

It’s Filming Time For The Cast Of Austin And Ally!(@raini_rodriguez)(@yaylauramarano)(@rossr5)(@calumworthy)

31 Oct

Raini Rodriguez recently tweeted a picture of the cast of Austin and Ally getting ready to film! With this she wrote “#austinandally filming time @CalumWorthy, @rossR5, @yaylauramarano, @johnpaulgreen, @LauraJamesNow, @CassidyShaffer.”

Have fun!

Dylan Riley Snyder Is Ready To Judge A Halloween Costume Contest! (@dylanrsnyder)

31 Oct

Dylan Riley Snyder recently tweeted a picture of himself with “Jessie” getting ready to judge a Halloween costume contest! With this he wrote “Found Jessie! Getting ready to judge costume contest..Happy Halloween!”

Have a great night!

Sierra McCormick Is Dressed Up As Kesha For Halloween! (@sierraNMcCormic)

31 Oct

Sierra McCormick recently tweeted a picture of herself in her awesome Halloween costume! With this she wrote “Happy Halloween! Guess who I am…. Ke$ha!”

have fun!

Happy Halloween From Bailee Madison The “Owl.” (@baileemadison)

31 Oct

Bailee Madison recently tweeted a picture of herself as an “owl” and wrote “Hooo Hooo Happy Halloween!! From Bailee the Owl!”

Have a great day!

Do YOU Want To Be In IM5 And Bella Thorne’s Music Video?!(@bellathorne)

31 Oct

Bella Thorne recently tweeted that she was looking for dancers to be in her and IM5’s music video! Are you interested?!

Here are some of the details:
– It will be taking place in Los Angeles
– You must be available all day on November 10th
– You must submit headshot and resume to
– You must be between the ages of 14-20

Good luck!

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