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Check Out Raquel Castro’s “See You Again/Where Are U Now” Mashup! (@RaquelCastro)

26 Apr

Raquel Castro posted a video smashup of “See You Again/Where Are U Now” on her YouTube channel! Make sure you check it out above and subscribe!

Check Out Sam Pottorff’s “Behind The Tour With IM5” Video (@SamPottorff) (@IM5band)

26 Apr

Sam Pottorff posted a video of a behind the scenes look at the Grow Wild Tour with IM5! Make sure you check out the video above!

Buy tickets here —->>

Check Out Cameron Dallas’ “What Are The Odds?” Video! (@CameronDallas)

19 Apr

Cameron Dallas has been posting videos everyday starting from April 10 during his #20DaysofDallas  on his YouTube channel! In today’s video Cameron is playing “What Are The Odds?” with Aaron Carpenter and Daniel Skye!

Zach Callison And Kelsi Taylor Feed The Homeless On Skid Row For The LA Mission (@ZachCallison)

5 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 6.05.46 PM

Zach Callison and Kelsi Taylor along with Deidre Hall, Jen Lille, Joel Courtney, Ryan Scheckler, Olivia Holt, Taylor Spreitler, and Katherine McNamara all came out on Good Friday to feed the homeless on Skid Row for The Los Angeles Mission’s annual Easter event.

Volunteers began preparing for a feast more than 3,500 at 4:30 a.m. as well as organizing more than 1,000 Easter baskets and 2,000 pairs of new shoes and socks for the homeless on Skid Row.

Follow Zach on twitter and instagram @zachcallison and on Cartoon Network for Steven Universe.

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