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Watch @MannyMUA733 ‘s June Favorites Video!

27 Jun

YouTube makeup artist MannyMUA released his June favorites video today on his channel! Watch the video above and comment below what product you think you will try in the future!

Learn About The #IAmEmpoweredBecause Campaign! (@JennaRoseSimon)

27 Jun

  In a world where actions speak louder than words,  Jenna Rose Simon proved that the healing act of art and the written word speaks louder when seen through the eyes of those in need of healing.

Inspired by her own struggles, Jenna took to social media to expose her own self-portrait and message:

#IAmEmpoweredBecause I’ve started to put down weapons of destruction and realize I am worth more. I’m worth more than anything that has happened to me, and I’m definitely worth more than a number on a scale.” Jenna is no stranger to making an impact with her art as her drawing depicting verbal abuse went viral in April, opening up powerful emotions in all. More of Jenna’s work can be found on Instagram at @agentletouchofart.

Watch Jeffree Star And MannyMUA Do The Full Face Liquid Lip Challenge! (@JeffreeStar)(@MannyMua733)

26 Jun

Jeffree Star released another video featuring MannyMUA in which they do a challenge that makes them do their makeup using only liquid lipsticks!

Check it out above and comment below what your favorite part of the video was!

Watch Jeffree Star’s “Get Ready In My Rolls Royce” With NikkieTutorials! (@JeffreeStar)(@NikkieTutorials)

19 Jun

Jeffree Star put out another video in his series called “Get Ready In My Rolls Royce” with NikkieTutorials on his channel! Check out the video above and comment below what your favorite part was!

Watch The Girl And The Dreamcatcher’s “Make You Stay” Music Video! (@TGATDC)(@DoveCameron)(@RyanMcCartan)

19 Jun

Our friends Ryan and Dove over at The Girl and the Dreamcatcher recently released their official music video for their song “Make You Stay”. Make sure you check out the video above and comment below what you think!

Watch our interview with them below!

Interview with Sixx Orange! (@SixxOrange)

16 Jun

1. Can you tell us about your new show “The Kicks?” 

– The Kicks is about my character Devin Burke who moves from Connecticut to Southern California with her parents and brother for her dad’s job. She is pretty nervous because she will be attending a new school and so many great soccer players have come from Southern California so she assumes making a team will be a challenge. She soon finds out that her school soccer team is not very good but out of her love for the game she is determined to bring this team together and create a winning team. 

2. How did you get involved in the project?

– I auditioned for The Kicks in September of 2014. I knew as soon as I read the description that the role of Devin had to be mine. 

3. Can you tell us about your character? 

– Devin is a bright, determined, and loving girl. She always wants the best for others but when it’s game time there is no stopping her. She eats, sleeps, and breathes soccer. It’s her true passion.

4. Do you relate to your character in any ways? 

– Devin and I are very similar. We both live for soccer & we both moved from the East coast to the West coast. When I moved to Los Angeles I too had to make the adjustment of new friends & trying out for new soccer teams which was extremely nerve racking.

5. What’s your favorite part about being on set?  

– My favorite part about being on set is in between takes I like to go and explore the different parts of the production. I ask the camera men/women and sound team a ton of questions haha. I am very curious about what happens behind the camera.

 6. Do you have any upcoming projects? 

– As of now I am just training in soccer and waiting for the 1st season of The Kicks to come out! 

7. Can you shout out your social media accounts? 

– Instagram: SixxOrange

   Twitter: SixxOrange 

   Facebook: TheRealSixxOrange 

“Be Somebody” Starring Matthew Espinosa Is Out Today! (@TheMattEspinosa) ( #BeSomebodyMovieToNumber1)

10 Jun


“Be Somebody” starring Matthew Espinosa and Sarah Jeffry is out today in select theaters and on iTunes! Make sure you check it out and let us know what you think! 

Click here to buy the film! —>>

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