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Interview With Luis Da Silva Jr (@Luistrikz)

31 Jan


1. How did you get your start in acting?

I got my break in acting in 2007 with Neil Jordan’s “Brave One” starring Naveen Andrews, Jodi Foster and Terrance Howard. I had years of experience with commercials previously from my basketball Nike commercials and street ball accolades. I decided to take performing in  front of the camera a bit more seriously and started to step away from sports and focus more on the craft.

2. Can you tell us about your role on “Kickboxer: Vengeance”?

Like much of my recent work, I’m gaining respect and visibility as a lead villain/bad guy which led me to this role. When casting and the director wanted someone to play the gritty street thug with a knowledge for gambling and making money, they called me to meet the director and we had a great conversation and I read for him live down in New Orleans. The character, Stahl, works side by side with Gina Carano’s character. They’re illegal street gamblers betting on street fights in this movie. Fortunately enough I was granted the opportunity to be in this amazing film.

3. How is this project different from those you’ve worked on in the past?

This project was different for the simple fact that I’d never been on a working set with so many awesome actors that can literally kick some ass. These hard-nose tough guys and gals (champions in their own right) were actually impressive performers and actors. I was amazed.

4. What was a typical day like for you on set?

That’s always contingent on my call times. If it’s an early day and a long one, I usually try to get a quick cardio session in at my hotel to keep me going throughout the day with energy. It works for me.

If I’m working nights, it’s a normal day usually up by 9AM in the gym for four hours of running. Yes, I’m obsessed with long runs every day! It’s probably not the best for these joints but oh well (it’s my only vice), then caffeine in combination with healthy vegan diet. I have been a vegan for 7 years and it really helps with my energy level especially through these long work weeks.

5. Can you tell about your passion for basketball? What do you like better: acting or basketball? Why?

Basketball is my love that introduced my to new exciting ventures like an acting career. However, my obsession is acting and delivering the best quality I can perform. Basketball is my favorite hobby and my getaway of relaxation. I enjoy acting more but basketball was never, and will never be, considered a job. I can tell you this: I watch way more basketball than I do movies. I always have I always will. So I guess, to sum it up, I like basketball more but acting is my favorite job, and my choice of work any day.

6.  Do you have any upcoming projects that your fans can look forward to? Tell us a bit about them.

“Paterson”, which is a movie starring Adam Driver and directed by the great Jim Jarmusch. It’s out now, so go check it out!

I also have “The Life And Death of John Gotti”; Gotti is played by John Travolta, Kelly Preston is in the film and it’s directed by Kevin Connolly. I’m playing Dr Carmine, who is John Travolta’s medical practitioner while he was going through his cancer treatments in the prison. It’s a very clear and micro-managed scene, handpicked by one of the producers, John A. Gotti, Gotti’s actual son that lived through these experiences. I’m extremely excited for this highly anticipated film.

7. What are your social media accounts?

Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat: @luistrikz

Facebook: Luis “Trikz” Da Silva Jr


I picked this handle because it had a direct connection to my career, using my legal first name and stage name for basketball.

Asia Monet Ray Partners With Target To Design Clothing Line Collection: “Art Class of 2017” (@AsiaMonetRay)

25 Jan


Asia Monet Ray partnered with Target to design a clothing line collection called “Art Class of 2017”. The line is now out in Target stores everywhere!

Asia posted on Instagram: “In @Target , Anaheim Hills CA. having fun seeing my designs and trying them on!! The ”Art Class” Collection looks Ahhhmazing😀 Make sure you tag me and let me know how you like my designs.  @targetstyle #ArtClass #Target#Sponsored

Comment below what you think about this line!

TWIZTID Reveals New Track “Dead And Gone (Unh-Stop)”

19 Jan


TWIZTED is set to drop their upcoming 12th release, entitled The Continuous Evilution Of Life’s ?’s, on January 27, 2017. On Friday the 13th, the duo unleashed their graphic, hard-hitting video for “Kill Somebody”, which has garnered over 130,000 views in under one week. Today, TWIZTID is following up with another new track, “Dead And Gone (Unh-Stop)”, which bumps even harder with dizzying rhymes and one of the dirtiest, most sinister beats existing on the new album. Listen now, exclusively via HipHopDX:

“Dead And Gone (Unh-Stop)” will appeal to both newer fans of TWIZTID, and those who have followed the duo since the beginning.Jamie Madrox states, “‘Dead And Gone (Unh-Stop)’ is a solid, contemporary, yet futuristic wicked track that at the same time is hauntingly traditional to its very core… so, dare I call this wicked shit a futuristic throwback?”

Catch TWIZTID performing “Kill Somebody” and “Dead And Gone (Unh-Stop)” at their official CD release party, taking place at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, CA on January 27 and featuring support from G-Mo Skee and Gorilla Voltage. Doors will open at 7:00pm and the event is open to all ages.

VIP packs are available for purchase now and include a meet & greet with TWIZTID, a The Continuous Evilution Of Life’s ?’s CD, a poster, bandana, 2017 Majik Ninja Entertainment calendar, and more – including special VIP access to a private listening party at a secret location on January 26!

Get your tickets via and VIP packs via

Interview With Chachi Gonzales (@ChachiGonzales)

19 Jan


Photo Credit: go90

  1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

I have been dancing since I was 5, but I got my real start in the industry when I was 15 when my team and I won “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

2. What is your favorite part about dancing?

Dancing is my main form of expression. I can say everything I need to say without having to say anything at all.

3. You’re currently a member of the “Drop The Mic” Tour, what has that experience been like for you?

Drop The Mic was an incredible experience! I had never been on a bus tour before, it was very different. I learned a lot about myself, had 12 amazing roommates and met some amazing supporters along the tour.

4. Have you ever hosted a tour before?

I’ve never hosted a tour before, so this was new for me. I really enjoyed it and look forward to doing more hosting!

5. What has been your favorite city to travel to so far?

Every city is amazing, but I really enjoy Nashville!

6. Is there any place you’ve never been to, but would like to visit?

I’ve never been to New Orleans; I would really love to go!

7.What is your favorite part about the tour?

I think my favorite part about tour was waking up in a different city every morning, meeting all the fans and performing. The show was a ton of fun!

8.What makes this tour different from others and why should fans come out and see it?

“Drop The Mic” is more of an interactive tour rather than a “hey we are just gonna stand on stage and not really do much” show. Those can be fun, but this was a full production and fans got to see us have an awesome time on stage dancing around!

9.Can you tell us about your new app?

My app is all the lastest Chachi info! There’s exclusive content, exclusive merch, blogs and it’s a place to make friends! I go in the app and love chat with my supporters frequently! It’s a blast!

10.What was the inspiration behind the app?

I wanted a place where my supporters could find all they need in one place. Rather than having to go to Twitter or Instagram, they have all my socials in one place. It’s like a Chachi Social Media in a way. I wanted to have a closer connection with my supporters. I can pick up my phone and chat with them directly at any moment and share my favorite things with them

11.Do you have any other upcoming projects that your fans can look forward to?

I’m getting into more acting and singing this year while keeping up with dancing. So excited to share what I’ve been working on!

12. Do you have any fun holiday plans?

I went back to my hometown, Houston and spent some time with my family and loved ones!

13.Can you shout out your social media accounts?

Twitter/Instagram: chachigonzales….snapchat: Olivia.irene…youtube: chachi0123

Interview With Lindsay Lamb (@LindsayLamb_)

18 Jan

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 6.10.17 PM.png

Photo Credit: Ryan West

1. How did you get your start in acting?

I first started acting in theater productions when I was 10 years old. After graduating from high school, I moved to Boston, New York, and then to Los Angeles and worked as much as I could while getting my degree. I feel like I’ve been acting forever but it’s really only been the last 2 and a half years since graduating from the University of Southern California that I’ve been actively pursing a career in this crazy industry.

2. Was it something you always wanted to do?

Absolutely! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

3. Can you tell us about your roles in “Apple Of My Eye” and “Blue Line”?

In “Apple Of My Eye” I play Jenny, who is the lead character’s Braille tutor. I learned more than I can explain throughout the entirety of filming. It’s definitely an experience that I will forever cherish. In “Blue Line” I play Bunny Abbott, the cheerleading captain who is held hostage during the heist. “Blue Line” was the first film that I booked after graduating from USC and I am so excited to see it when it comes out this March!


4. How are these projects different from others you’ve worked on in the past?

They were both massive learning experiences for me. “Blue Line” was the first legitimate feature film that I had booked since being in Los Angeles and “Apple Of My Eye” was the first feature that I was a part of from start to finish on the production side as well as acting. They were also both filmed outside of California: “Blue Line” was shot in Connecticut and “Apple Of My Eye” was shot in Florida so that comes with its own set of differences as well.


5. What has been your favorite project to work on so far?

That’s such a hard question to answer because they have all been so different.. I would probably have to say “Apple Of My Eye.” I learned so much about filmmaking and gained such an appreciation for every single person involved in taking a film from script to set to post and every part in-between.


6. Do you have any other upcoming projects fans can look forward to?

I can’t say too much about it but definitely keep an eye out for “Break Room”. It’s going to be amazing!


7. What are your social media handles?

Instagram: @LambL91

Twitter: @LindsayLamb_


Niki And Gabi Release Official Music Video For “First” (@GabCake)(@NikiDeMar)

2 Jan


Niki and Gabi released their official music video for their single “First” on January 1st!

Check out the video above and comment below what you think!

Way to go girls!


Interview With VISTA! (@ThisIsVista)

2 Jan


Photo Credit: Holly Turner

1. How did you form as a group?

Greg: For some reason, after the old members left, me and Matt messaged Hope the same day. It was pretty cool. We all came together with common interest to play music full time and stuff, haha.

Hope: They both messaged me the same day about joining VISTA, it was super weird. I’d never met either of them but was friends on Facebook with them both, timing kind of just worked out on our side!

Matt: Don’t let the other two fool you. We met on Christian Mingle and Tinder. Swiping right works! On the real, I learned Hope lost her drummer (months ago) and at the time my band wasn’t going the way I hoped so I reached out to her as a stab in the dark. And here we are.

2. How did you get into the music industry?

Greg: I started out with my other band, Here’s To You, in 2009. Been playing and writing ever since, and meeting people.

Hope: I started as a solo artist, I just went by Hope Vista. It first started on YouTube, I think in 2007? Almost 10 years ago. Once I was done with that platform, I moved offline and outside of the virtual world to start playing shows anywhere I could, looking to build a team, doing my own press, the whole shebang!

Matt: I’ve been playing music since I was 9 I think? I always wanted to be in a successful band. I had a pop punk band in college that played Bamboozle and after that a punk rock band that played all over. Both bands ended and I was starving for anyone I could play with. And here we are.

3. Can you tell us about your single “Henchmen” and when it will be released?

Greg: January 13th! This song is baller. It’s a super cool song that really goes all out. We wanted to make a banger for our first song together.
Hope: Hell yeah! We’re all amped. We’ve said our genre is anthem rock, and if anything can define what that is, it’s “Henchmen.” We reaaaally wanted to solidify what anthem rock is through this single.

Matt: It’s released on Jan. 13th. How do I remember that date? It’s also our biggest show with one of my fav.’s Against The Current! It’s a good direction for us to head in off of VERSUS while maintaining new ground.

Hope: Agreed!

4. What was the inspiration for the song?

Greg: Lyrically; it speaks on oppression, and being oppressed, and trying to fight back against that force. Musically, a ton of different bands influence this track, and us in general. This song specifically kinda gives me a Sleeping With Sirens vibe.

Hope: The lyrics definitely focus on the idea of oppression and what that entails in modern day. We wanted to try and give a voice to those who feel that oppression.

5. Who are your musical influences?

Greg: To name a few: Carly Rae Jepsen, Owl City, The Fall of Troy, Jack White, Chon, The Starting Line, there’s a ton more.

Hope: My influences come from three sectors: 90’s pop, classic rock, and modern day alternative, current Warped Tour scene. I also looooove both Pink and Avril Lavigne. Soooo OG early 2000’s bad ass.

Matt: Angels and Airwaves, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Twenty One Pilots, LIGHTS, The oldies like the Four Seasons and the Beatles, The Starting Line & I’m a sucker for stuff in the radio.

Hope: Hell yeah, LIGHTS.

6. Do you have an album or any music in the works?

Greg: Yes! Plenty more ideas we have in the back of our heads right now.

Hope: For sure. It hasn’t even been 8 months since “VERSUS” was put out, so we aren’t in a rush. I think the three of us all have such creative brains that are constantly spinning and wanting to work on new material, so even though that EP is still pretty fresh, we were hoping to get some more stuff out later this Spring. Hopefully.

Matt: We are giving VERSUS a fair run while we continue to write more.

7. What is one thing you want to accomplish in 2017?

Greg: Tour and put more music out!

Hope: Preaaaach. TAKE OVER.

Matt: To meet every fan, to play awesome shows and to also see how many Chipotles we can visit.

8. Do you have any upcoming projects that your fans can look forward to?

Greg: Most likely more shows, but Henchmen won’t be the last song you hear this year 🙂

Hope: We’ll definitely be playing more shows. We’re opening for Against The Current on 1/13, the same day “Henchmen” comes out, so that’ll be a sick way to kick off the year. We’re starting to get into the tour discussion for Spring, that’s most definitely a topic of conversation.

9. What are your social media accounts?

Greg: I am located on social media as @herestogreg. We are located at @thisisvista on twitter and @vistaband on instagram!

Hope: My handle for every social media platform is @hopevista!

Matt: @MatthewVlossak for everything. And no, I’m not Steven Yeun’s stunt double.





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