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Check out Lauren Taylor’s New Music Video “Treat Me Right” (@LaurenTaylorSD)

14 Dec

Lauren Taylor recently released the music video for her song Treat Me Right! If you have not watched the video yet, make sure you do! Be sure to follow her on Twitter as well @LaurenTaylorSD

You can check out our interview with Lauren Below!


Exclusive Interview with Ada-Nicole Sanger “Donna Lamonsoff” From “Grown Ups 2” (@ANSanger)

10 Jul


We recently chatted with Grown Ups 2 star Ada-Nicole Sanger. We spoke with her about her role in Grown Ups 2, what it was like working on the film, her first project and more. Make sure to check out the interview below and make sure to check out Grown Ups 2 when it hits theaters this Friday! 

1. How did you get your start in acting? 

          When I was younger, I used to love watching all the old Hollywood classics with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby or Gene Kelly.  Those films are so beautiful and the performers were so incredibly talented.  I sing and dance as well, and I wanted to emulate them.  A talent scout spotted me at a local singing competition and later entered me into an acting/singing competition in New York.  I won or placed in all my categories and the casting directors, agents and managers encouraged me to come to California.  So I did and it’s been a crazy but wonderful experience.  

2. What was your first project? 

          My first project was a commercial for TLC Life Lessons.

3. What was your favorite project you’ve worked on? 

          Grown Ups was my favorite project, because it was such a fun and exciting experience.  I learned so much about all the work that goes into a film and everything that happens off-screen too.  Since it was my first time, everything was astounding.  I couldn’t have asked for a better first project-everyone at Happy Madison was inviting and hilarious and just great to work with.  It was a great environment especially for all of the kids in the film.

4. What was it like working on Grown Ups 2? 

          Grown Ups 2 was like a family reunion-we had become so close and comfortable with each other on the first one, it was fantastic to be with them all again.  Adam Sandler always uses his friends in his movies, it’s like finding “Where’s Waldo” when watching them.  There are also many new cast members like Shaquille O’Neal, Taylor Lautner, Alexander Ludwig, The Lonely Island and a ton of SNL alumni.  I am thrilled to be in his first sequel.

5. How would you describe your character? 

          I would have to say Donna Lamonsoff is impeccably self-confident and marches to the beat of her own drum.  She’s outgoing and a bit off-beat.  She’s definitely matured since the first film- she no longer throws hissy fits or cake.  She loves her family no matter what they do.  And she’s also a very uplifting and supportive friend.

6. What was your favorite scene to film? 

          That’s a tough one. I’d probably say there are two. The first one I got to do a bunch a kooky cheerleading for (Keithie) Cameron Boyce and Adam, and the other was with Shaq, Kevin James, and David Spade. It was hilarious because Shaq jumps on a diving board, which breaks and he made a HUGE splash.

7. What was your favorite part about getting to work with the cast and crew? 

          My favorite part was getting to see everyone again.  I hadn’t seen many of them in three years, so it was sweet to reunite. Happy Madison is basically a family that makes blockbusters together. Plus, everyone on set was downright hilarious.

8. Do you have any other upcoming projects ? 

          This summer I am looking forward to promoting Grown Ups 2 and going to the premiere in NYC.  I am still looking for projects, but I am enjoying time with family and friends.  I am currently learning how to make films myself, and will be focusing on animation this year.

9. Do you have anything you want to say to your fans who have been supporting you? 

          Honestly, they are the best, and without them, I wouldn’t be here.  Thank you for always cheering me on, it always helps me keep going when I start feeling down.  Much love!

10. Do you have any social networking accounts where your fans can stay connected with you? 

You can always find me at my website adanicolesanger.com, but as far as social media, I am still warming up to it.  I do have a new Twitter account @ANSanger, which I hope to use more in the future.

Interview with Megan Elizabeth Wright “Nina” From How to Rock (@mewright27)

29 Mar



We recently got the chance to speak with Megan Elizabeth Wright from How to Rock. She told us about what it was like getting to work with the cast and crew, her favorite television show, fashion must have and more. Make sure to check out the interview and keep posted on what Megan is working on next. Check out the interview below! 

1. How did you get started in acting? 
I must say, sometimes I hate saying I love being the center of attention, but hey… it’s true. I started doing my proper training my ninth grade year when I started attending an acting academy in New Orleans. My parents have always been very supportive in every decision I make, but obviously I have to put work into it. I got a job and did everything I could to attend. 

2. What was it  like working on How to Rock? 
How To Rock was a blast! It was my very first booking, which meant it was my very first time being on set for something. I would say I was nervous, but truthfully, I wasn’t. I was more excited than anything.

3. What was it like working with the cast? 
The cast of How To Rock was so sweet. Every one of them made me feel welcomed to be there. Actually after working with them that day they invited me to come eat with them which was really cool. They also invited me that weekend to come over and hangout. All around, they were a really awesome and fun cast to be with! Every once and awhile I run into some of the cast members and we catch up and chat for a bit.

4. What was your reaction when you found out you received the part? 
My manager actually called me and played a little joke. I thought she was about to tell me I didn’t book it, but she turned it around to tell me I did. I was overly excited! For a few minutes I was speechless and kinda wanted to scream at the top of my lungs for excitement, but I was in the car… so not a good idea. 

5. When auditioning what is the process like?
Before I go into an audition, I like to get in this “zone.” If the role is for a more serious character I listen to a soundtrack from a movie called Friday Night Lights. But, if its for a character who is happy and outgoing then I just turn on some pop music and jam away. 

6. What was your first project? 
How To Rock was actually my very first project. It was my 3rd audition and I booked it! I actually didn’t end up getting a callback on it, which was like… whoa. I am more than thankful for being a part of that show.

7. What has been the best piece of advice you received? 
The best piece of advice overall has been to keep my head up and do what makes me happy. In this business, you get told “no” more than anything. Honestly, you have to just keep your head high and remember what your happiness is. Because at the end of the day, if I’m not having fun and loving what I do, then that is a sign telling me its time to pack my bags and go home. 

8. Do you have any upcoming projects? 
Currently I’m just auditioning and taking classes. But, you never know what’s right around the corner!

9. Who are your inspirations? 
My parents would have to be my inspiration. They have taught be to strive to do what I love and never back down. They are my number one fans. 

10. What are your favorite songs? 
It’s actually very hard for me to narrow down what would be my all time favorite because I like so many, but since I should probably choose… my favorite song would have to be Just A Fool by Christina Aguilera or If I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. 

11. What are your favorite television shows? 
I absolutely LOVE Pretty Little Liars. It’s such a great show. If I could be on it, that would just be amazing! I also really like the show called Perception with Eric McCormack. He is such a brilliant actor and brings so much to the plate. 

12. Who are your favorite actresses/actors? 
My all time favorite actor has to be Tom Hanks. Something about him just makes me smile. I really fell in love with his acting in the movie called Forrest Gump, which is actually my favorite movie. My favorite actress would have to be Emma Stone or Anne Hathaway right now. Emma Stone is just hilarious and makes me love her more and more every time I watch her, and Anne Hathaway is just phenomenal. She is just so captivating and real with everything she does. 

13. What do you like to do when you are not working? 
I really enjoy drawing and doing arts & crafts. I swear I’m such a little kid. I still like to get the kiddy menus just to color and draw on the paper at restaurants.  I also really enjoy doing my nails,  listening to music, and taking a nice jog outside on a nice breezy, sunny day. 

14. What is your must have style accessory? 
Good question actually. There really isn’t any particular accessory I must have. I’m very odd in the way I dress and how I put things together. I don’t think this really counts as accessorizing, but I don’t like walking out of the house without my nails painted or having designs on them. Like I mentioned, I enjoy doing my nails, nail art is something I’ve learned to pick up on. I’ve become pretty pro at it and now I can do my right hand without messing up!

15. Who are your favorite designers? 
I’m honestly just your regular girl, I don’t really wear named brand designer clothes. Now if I was asked who I would want to wear, that’d be a different story. I would love to wear Christian Dior or Marc Jacobson on the Red Carpet. My everyday wear is from Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, or H&M. 

16. Do you have a goal or anything you want to accomplish in 2013? 
I really want to book a featured film or something this year! I’m just craving to break through. I know it comes with time, which I am very patient, but that feeling of being on set and doing what I love is something I can’t describe. 

17. Do you have anything you want to say to your fans who have been supporting you? 
I just want to thank everyone who has been supporting me through this journey. You truly are the best!

18. Do you have any social network accounts where your fans can stay connected with you? 
I do! I have Twitter and an Instagram. My username is the same for both so it’ll be easy to find me. Its @mewright27

Interview with Amy Farrington of Disney Channels New Movie Cloud 9

29 Mar


We recently had a wonderful chat with Amy Farrington who plays “Andrea” in Disney Channels new movie Cloud 9. We asked Amy about how she got her start in acting and about all of her projects she has been in other than Cloud 9 that include Crash & Bernstein,  Jessie, Grey’s Anatomy, The Michael Richards show and more! Amy also told us about the one thing she would change about the world if she could. Check it all out here!

Exclusive Interview with Actress Brittany Ross (@BrittanyRoss1)

29 Mar


         We recently had the chance to speak with Brittany Ross. Brittany told us about her role ‘Candis’ on Pair of Kings as well as the role ‘Courtney’ on The Middle. She is such a young, talented and sweet young lady. Make sure to check out the interview below! 

1. How did you get started in acting? 

 I started acting when I was five years old living in Texas.  I kind of fell into it, liked it, and then made my mom let me do it!  I moved to South America, and started working a lot. There was not much blonde haired blue eyed competition over there!  I did a lot of modeling, and even some commercials in Spanish. 

 In High School, I stopped acting and put all of energy into competitive cheerleading.  In college I took a real acting class, and fell in love.  I started working again as an actress, and finished college early so I could move to LA!

 2. What was your first project? 

 My first project was a commercial for the Houston Astros when I was 5 years old. 

 3. How has your life changed since you have became an actress? 

 I get to be silly and play pretend with my friends for a living. I feel so blessed to get to do what I do, and wouldn’t trade it for anything! 

 4. What do you like to do on your free time? 

 I LOVE laughter! I love adventuring! I love to be outside, and explore new place! I’m an avid runner, and a big fan of yoga.  I love spending time with my family and friends. Oh, and spontaneous dance parties in random places are pretty enjoyable 😉

 5. What was it like working on Pair of Kings? 

 Candis was my dream role to play!  I have such a special place in my heart for that show, and am so grateful to have been a part of it. The writers and cast were hilarious, and I always had a blast when I was there.

 6. What was your favorite episode to film? 

 Gosh, that’s a tough one!  They were all so fun!  If I have to pick one, I’d say my first episode when I fell in the volcano.  I mean, my hair caught on fire…it’s kinda hard to beat that! 

 7. How would you describe your character from The Middle? 

 Courtney may seem like the mean girl, but I really feel she has no idea of her poor behavior. She’s completely oblivious of it, and thinks she’s being helpful.  I always say she’s mean for the greater good. 

 8. What has been your favorite character you’ve played so far? 

I’m picking 2!  Courtney and Candis!  They’ve both given me so much!

 9. If you could appear in a television show or movie which one would it be and why? 

 Ooo, there are SO many!  For TV I would …The Big Bang Theory!

My dream movie role is Goldie Hawn’s role in “Private Benjamin.”

 10. Who are your favorite actresses and or actors? 

Goldie Hawn is my all time favorite!  I’ve followed her career since I was 5 years old.  She is such a smart woman, and has used it to play the ditzy blonde role brilliantly.  She has so much heat in all of her work. 


I also love Kristin Chenoweth…gotta love that voice! She not only embraces her uniqueness, but lets it shine!!

 And one more…Reese Witherspoon!  She also uses her intelligence to play the blonde role.  Plus, Election is such a fantastic movie. 

11. Who are your favorite singers? 

I’m a country music fan.  Sugarland is my all time fav.  I also love rockin out to Florence and the Machine, and Jason Mraz speaks to my soul!

 12. How would you describe your fashion style?  

I think fashion is all about knowing what works for your body.  If it makes me feel good I’ll wear it! 

13. What are your favorite stores?  

My friend has an online clothing store called Excess Baggage.  I love getting my clothes from there because they are different, and fit me just right! 

 14. What has been the best piece of advice someone has given you? 

Embrace your Uniqueness, and be the absolute best version of yourself! 

 15. Do you have anything you want to say to your fans who have been supporting you? 

 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  You ROCK!

 16. Do you have any social media accounts where your fans can stay connected with you? 

 Website http://www.Brittany-Ross.com

Twitter @BrittanyRoss1

Instagram: BrittanyRoss1

Exclusive Interview With Alli Simpson At Dylan’s Candy Bar In NYC! (@allisimpson)

28 Mar


We recently had the chance to chat with the lovely Alli Simpson at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC while she was promoting imPRESS nails! At the event, fans got to take pictures with Alli, get autographs, and even try on some of the gorgeous nails. During the interview, Alli chatted about her signature line which is coming out very soon, NYC, her fans, and imPRESS nails! Make sure you check out the interview below!

China Anne McClain Meets Olympic Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas! (@realchinaanne) (@gabrielledoug)

12 Jan

China Anne McClain recently tweeted a picuture of herself with Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas! With this she wrote “My girl @gabrielledoug ! It was so good seeing you at ANT Farm yesterday:) Let’s chill soon.”

Hope you had fun!

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