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Addison Riecke Had A Blast At The Opening Night Of The Glass Castle! (@AddisonRiecke)

12 Aug

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 9.27.54 PM

The lovely Addison Riecke posted a picture of herself with Ella Anderson at the opening of The Glass Castle last night! With this she tweeted “Opening night of with last night! You are AMAZING in this film! So proud of you! XO.”

We are so happy you had an amazing time, Addison!

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Kira Kosarin Is Having A Blast In Hawaii! (@KiraKosarin)

2 Aug

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.14.29 PM

The lovely Kira Kosarin is in Hawaii and she is having a wonderful time! Kira tweeted “Hawaii-ing so hard right now.”

Hope you have fun in the sun, Kira!

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Addison Riecke Is Going To Miss Her Hair Stylists From”The Thundermans” (@AddisonRiecke)

28 Jul

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 12.48.19 PM

Addison Riecke recently tweeted that she is going to miss her hair stylists from the set of “The Thundermans” who have worked with her for all 103 episodes of the show! With this, she posted a picture of herself after getting her hair styled with those lovely ladies!

We wish you continued success, Addison!

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Addison Riecke Is on Her way to the KCA’s (@AddisonRiecke)

29 Mar


Addison Riecke recently tweeted a picture riding to the KCA’s with some of the cast of “The Thundermanns” Have a great time!

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