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Exclusive Interview With Cimorelli At Their Treat And Greet At Georgetown Cupcake In Soho! (@CimorelliBand)

28 Aug

We recently had the chance to speak with Cimorelli at their treat and greet and Georgetown Cupcake in Soho! During the interview, they talked about performing on Good Morning America, meeting the fans, favorite cupcake, and more!

Make sure you check it out below!

Maria Menounos Gives Out Free Cupcakes In Times Square (@mariamenounos) (@Crocs)

31 Jul

Maria Menounos was in Times Square today at 10:30 giving out free cupcakes for Crocs! At the event, there was a Croc shoe made out of cupcakes courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake! These cupcakes were delicious! At the event, Maria met some fans and enjoyed some delicious cupcakes!

If you wear your Croc shoes to Georgetown Cupcake today in Soho, you will be able to get a free cupcake!

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